Maine Engagement session: Maine Wedding Photographer

More catch up from this summer…so happy things are slowing down so I can post more!

There’s nothing more satisfying then getting a phone call from a Father of a past bride and having him tell you that he wants to hire you again for another family wedding! That’s just what happened when Cara and Stephanie’s father called me this summer. I shot Cara’s wedding several years ago and now I’ve been invited back to shoot her twin sister, Stephanie’s, wedding this November.

Their camp in Waterford, Maine was where we started their engagement session. It was a beautiful summer morning and the light was perfect! (I don’t usually shoot in the morning but I found this light to be just right!)¬†After finishing at the camp we moved over to their wedding venue, Granite Ridge Barn; a new venue just opening this fall. I can’t wait to shoot there!! Check out their website HERE.

Thank you Stephanie and Joe. This was really fun and I can’t wait for your Thanksgiving weekend wedding!



Watch out for photo bombers!

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Check out the view at this venue!!! EEEEEEEEK I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

IMG_0963pinimage IMG_0966pinimage IMG_0975pinimage IMG_0979pinimage IMG_0985pinimage IMG_0991pinimage


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