Newborn Baby Portraits; Baby Kyra Rose

It’s hard to believe that I am a “great” aunt, but I am 5 times over!!!

This is our newest addition to our family….Baby Kyra Rose.

She is loved to dearly by her parents and two older brothers…and most definitely me who doesn’t have any little pink ones in my life!!!

IMG_0465pinimage IMG_0496pinimage IMG_0498pinimage IMG_0530pinimage IMG_0571pinimage IMG_0639-2pinimage IMG_0643-2pinimage IMG_0646-2pinimage IMG_0683-2pinimage IMG_0696-2pinimage IMG_0704pinimage IMG_0740pinimage IMG_0744-2pinimage IMG_0766-3pinimage IMG_0766Bbwpinimage IMG_0781pinimage IMG_0784-2pinimage

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