Time always seems to get away from me….and it definitely did this winter.

Here is some favorites from a fun fall engagement session I did with Tom and Nikki.

Can’t wait for their July wedding.


Our session started with the kiddos…..My favorite outtake from that!

IMG_6505pinimage IMG_6544pinimage

And of course a ring photo was in order!!!!

IMG_6612pinimage IMG_6636pinimage IMG_6652pinimage IMG_6717pinimage IMG_6748pinimage
IMG_6785pinimage IMG_6798pinimage IMG_6804pinimage IMG_6822pinimage IMG_6857pinimage IMG_6980pinimage IMG_6984pinimage

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It’s hard to believe that I am a “great” aunt, but I am 5 times over!!!

This is our newest addition to our family….Baby Kyra Rose.

She is loved to dearly by her parents and two older brothers…and most definitely me who doesn’t have any little pink ones in my life!!!

IMG_0465pinimage IMG_0496pinimage IMG_0498pinimage IMG_0530pinimage IMG_0571pinimage IMG_0639-2pinimage IMG_0643-2pinimage IMG_0646-2pinimage IMG_0683-2pinimage IMG_0696-2pinimage IMG_0704pinimage IMG_0740pinimage IMG_0744-2pinimage IMG_0766-3pinimage IMG_0766Bbwpinimage IMG_0781pinimage IMG_0784-2pinimage

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There’s nothing more fun then having a niece who is pregnant and TOTALLY willing to do fun things with you!!!

I was inspired by some milk bath portraits that I saw a while back, but never had anyone willing to play along. Thank you Shayla for being up for anything!

Stay tuned for newborn baby milk bath photos….and probably 4 month baby milk bath photos too!!!
278A4984pinimage 278A4937pinimage 278A4940pinimage 278A4952pinimage
278A4962pinimage 278A4966pinimage 278A4983pinimage
278A5020pinimage 278A5039pinimage 278A5041pinimage 278A5051pinimage

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I had the distinct pleasure of capturing a remarkable life moment in my niece’s life yesterday. I feel honored.


The pose above is one we’ve done before….see below done a year ago when Joe came home from bootcamp.

Click HERE to see this full “bootcamp homecoming”session.


But she didn’t know what was happening behind her.




Until she turned around.

img_8189-2pinimage img_8192-2-2pinimage img_8195-2pinimage img_8196-2-2pinimage img_8196-2pinimage


She was smooching him before I could get around to catch her face

img_8199-2pinimage img_8200-2pinimage img_8208-2pinimage img_8211-2pinimage img_8214-2pinimage img_8216-2pinimage img_8218-2pinimage

Look at him look at her (below)

img_8221-2-2pinimage img_8226-2pinimage img_8227-2pinimage img_8228-2pinimage img_8230-2pinimage img_8232-2pinimage img_8233-2pinimage img_8235-2pinimage

Yup it’s real!!!

img_8243-2pinimage img_8244-2pinimage img_8246-2pinimage img_8250-2pinimage img_8258-2pinimage img_8259-2pinimage img_8269-2pinimage img_8275-2pinimage img_8280-2pinimage img_8283-2pinimage img_8287-2pinimage img_8304-2pinimage img_8310-2pinimage img_8311-2pinimage img_8314-2-2pinimage img_8316-2pinimage img_8327-2-2pinimage img_8348-2pinimage

Love you both!!!!


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In over 10 years in business, I have never actually caught an apple orchard in full bloom….After seeing the results of Natasha and Jim’s second (yes, I said SECOND) engagement session, I have no idea why I’ve never used this amazing idea!

Check out this sweetness…and remember this idea for yourself in the future… family session, senior portraits…it’s a short window…only about a week each year.

If you want to see the two parts of N and J’s first engagement session click here and here

I can’t wait for N and J’s spring wedding, next June, at the gorgeous new Coolidge family farm in New Gloucester. Check out their link if you are looking for a farm venue for your wedding.

Thanks for all the fun guys….I wish everyone would do two engagement sessions!!!


IMG_2480pinimage IMG_2440pinimage IMG_2431pinimage IMG_2417pinimage IMG_2411pinimage IMG_2411-2pinimage IMG_2358pinimage IMG_2336pinimage IMG_2294pinimage IMG_2282pinimage IMG_2280pinimage IMG_2245pinimage IMG_2242pinimage IMG_2242-2pinimage IMG_2237pinimage IMG_2229pinimage IMG_2209pinimage IMG_2205pinimage IMG_2202pinimage IMG_2173pinimage IMG_2165pinimage IMG_2161pinimage IMG_2154pinimage IMG_2151pinimage IMG_2145pinimage IMG_2142pinimage IMG_2128pinimage IMG_2128-2pinimage IMG_2127pinimage IMG_2125pinimage IMG_2124pinimage IMG_2117pinimage IMG_2071pinimage IMG_2064 blurpinimage IMG_2047pinimage IMG_2034pinimage IMG_2013pinimage

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