Portland Maine Engagement photography: Chad and Amanda part 1

It’s been a bit of a wait for all those who know these two but they are finally engaged! This is Chad, (the brother of my first destination bride Krista..click HERE to see her Mexico slideshow) and his beautiful fiancé Amanda. I couldn’t be more happy to be chosen to be their photographer for not only their awesomely fun/beautiful and romantic engagement session but also their 2016 Memorial Day wedding in Mexico. These two are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Here’s part one of their summer engagement session. We started in the Old Port, which is where they met. We hit a bunch of special places for them and ended out at bug light with the most gorgeous sunset I’d seen all summer. (Sunset photos coming in part two)

Thank you Chad and Amanda…this was a blast!

IMG_1255pinimage IMG_1329pinimage IMG_1337pinimage

We slipped inside Gritty’s for a beer. The lighting was the best but these captures sure were! Can’t you just here Amanda’s laugh!

IMG_1379pinimage IMG_1381pinimage IMG_1383pinimage IMG_1425pinimage IMG_1449pinimage IMG_1459pinimage IMG_1613pinimage IMG_1719pinimage IMG_1798pinimage IMG_1802pinimage IMG_1829pinimage IMG_1831pinimage IMG_1861pinimage IMG_1920pinimage

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