Maine Senior Portrait Photographer: A full session sample

It’s almost senior portrait season! Choosing a photographer for your high school, senior portraits can be a very daunting task. There are so many of us, with so many different styles and different packages available. Here are some tips to ensure that this once in a lifetime experience turns out the way you are hoping.

You want to choose a photographer who you feel very confident with and who’s work you’ve seen a lot of.  Basing a photographer on just a handful of images you’ve seen from one session or one person can be a mistake. Ask your potential photographers to see a full session and see how many images from that session are ones you really love. Look for a variety of posing and crops within the full session, and see how the photographer captures expressions…are they all the same or did they capture the whole range of expressions.

A very popular option today is purchasing the digital negatives. This allows you the security of knowing you have the files for printing freely and future, personal use like creating an invitation to graduation parties, using in wedding slideshows etc. Make sure that your photographer plans to edit all the files fully..that means touching up major acne and other blemishes on all the files. Will they be offering you both color and black and white files full edited? It’s worth the extra money to ensure that you have everything you need at your finger tips ready for your use or to print anytime.

This is an example of a one location, full session resulting in over 200 proofs which is quite typical for my seniors girls.

My seniors are allowed unlimited clothing changes (although I recommend 3-5 to help make decision making easier in the end)and sessions last about 1.5 hours or until we run out of light.

I’m always open to trying new things. I love it when seniors come to me with ideas that they want try and especially new places. Together we can make their senior portraits an experience they wont forget with priceless images that captured their unique style at this time in their life.

A regular session fee is $150 and covers the session only. Some options that I offer are double sessions for seniors who want both an urban and a country look (or any two different looks) to their portraits for $225.  I also offer a buddy session for two seniors who want the same location and to be in a few pictures together. Both seniors get their digital negatives of themselves and any images they are in together and the complete package fee is $700. (That’s $350 each for session fee and digital negatives)

Thanks for looking. Please contact me with questions or to set up a session or buddy session for your senior. Dates book fast after April break and spaces are limited.

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