Maine Portrait Photographer; Gilsland Farm Audubon

Another example of my early summer special…this is just a handful of the over 300 images they received for s substantial discounted price…just for being early birds.

One of my favorite places to do family and senior portraits is Falmouth Audubon; Gilsland Farm

And when you add in Grandma…well, priceless for sure!


IMG_4757-2pinimage IMG_4723pinimage IMG_4688pinimage IMG_4688-3pinimage IMG_4642pinimage IMG_4616-2pinimage IMG_4612pinimage IMG_4583pinimage IMG_4547pinimage IMG_4546pinimage IMG_4532pinimage IMG_4475pinimage IMG_4474pinimage IMG_4472pinimage IMG_4464pinimage IMG_4460pinimage IMG_4456pinimage IMG_4449pinimage IMG_4445pinimage IMG_4358pinimage IMG_4296pinimage IMG_4261pinimage IMG_4246pinimage IMG_4231pinimage IMG_4230pinimage

IMG_4195pinimage IMG_4154-2pinimage IMG_4142pinimage IMG_4140pinimage IMG_4120pinimage IMG_4110pinimage IMG_4108pinimage IMG_4102pinimage IMG_4101-2pinimage IMG_4077pinimage IMG_4057pinimage IMG_4046-2pinimage IMG_3989pinimage IMG_3967pinimage IMG_3947pinimage IMG_3943pinimage IMG_3928pinimage IMG_3911pinimage IMG_3897pinimage IMG_3859pinimage IMG_3845pinimage IMG_3830pinimage IMG_3824-2pinimage IMG_3822pinimage IMG_3814pinimage IMG_3806pinimage IMG_3745pinimage IMG_3678pinimage

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