Wedding Proposal: Maine Wedding Photographer

I had the distinct pleasure of capturing a remarkable life moment in my niece’s life yesterday. I feel honored.


The pose above is one we’ve done before….see below done a year ago when Joe came home from bootcamp.

Click HERE to see this full “bootcamp homecoming”session.


But she didn’t know what was happening behind her.




Until she turned around.

img_8189-2pinimage img_8192-2-2pinimage img_8195-2pinimage img_8196-2-2pinimage img_8196-2pinimage


She was smooching him before I could get around to catch her face

img_8199-2pinimage img_8200-2pinimage img_8208-2pinimage img_8211-2pinimage img_8214-2pinimage img_8216-2pinimage img_8218-2pinimage

Look at him look at her (below)

img_8221-2-2pinimage img_8226-2pinimage img_8227-2pinimage img_8228-2pinimage img_8230-2pinimage img_8232-2pinimage img_8233-2pinimage img_8235-2pinimage

Yup it’s real!!!

img_8243-2pinimage img_8244-2pinimage img_8246-2pinimage img_8250-2pinimage img_8258-2pinimage img_8259-2pinimage img_8269-2pinimage img_8275-2pinimage img_8280-2pinimage img_8283-2pinimage img_8287-2pinimage img_8304-2pinimage img_8310-2pinimage img_8311-2pinimage img_8314-2-2pinimage img_8316-2pinimage img_8327-2-2pinimage img_8348-2pinimage

Love you both!!!!


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